The Engineering Plus story began in 2008 and from day dot our vision has remained the same. 


We are a one stop shop for our clients which is a unique feat within our industry.Our company provides a seamless building process from initial design, to 3D plans and renders, through to engineering and the submission of council plans. 

We are your solution.  We can do it all. 





Jack Pfeiffer

Jack has a reputation for being passionate and hard-working within his business, but being able to build a career that is flexible and allows him to spend quality time with his family is what truly drives him. 

His kind and caring nature is well known and repeatedly reflected in client testimonials.  Jack has extensively worked as part of management teams for different companies and his experience includes designing and drafting structural and civil works, building designs, and project managing for over 21 years.


Trinity Pfeiffer

Trinity is a well known business woman throughout Launceston and Tasmania and has a reputation for her professionalism and keen interest in business management. Without doubt her family and business are of great importance to her.

She is not only a Director of her business but also has a “hands on” approach as drafting and housing design is most definitely a passion of hers along with property investment and development. Trinity encourages her staff to, without exception, treat clients the way they would like to be treated themselves.


Our Team

Alex Taylor
Senior Designer

Justin Lefevre
Building Designer

Narelle Lobdale
Project Manager/Client Liaison

Olivia Jones
Graduate Architect


Chris Parry
Technical Officer

Denika McDonald-Hodges
Graduate Architect

Eric Willie
Crane Inspector

Liam Kaukenas
Building Designer

Minh Thach
Graduate Architect

Gertrude Lee
Graduate Architect

Open Positions


We are always searching for new members to join our ever growing and extraordinary team.  If you think you are the right fit and you are passionate about crafting buildings that fit our client's briefs to perfection then please contact us via the form below. 



  • An incredible fit for our wonderful team.
  • Be able to enjoy a laugh and not take life too seriously. 
  • A passion for exceeding customer expecations. 


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