Building designs that are builder ready.

Our business is a single solution when looking to have designs developed and at the stage where they are ready to hand to your builder.  In most cases the next step for customers when creating plans is to source an engineer for their project, but we offer engineering as part of our drafting suite of services.  Relax and let us take care of the process - your search is now over.  

We develop designs and plans for:

  • New homes

  • Renovations and extensions

  • Sheds and carports

  • Transportable buildings

  • Decks and pergolas

  • Illegal works


Our services include:

  • Detailed floor plan, fully dimensioned and notated

  • Elevations drawing showing all 4 elevations with details

  • 3D Elevations

  • Section drawing showing material types & spacings

  • Structural details as necessary including bracing details

  • Window Schedule with lintel sizes and studs at sides of openings

  • Bracing layout

  • Foundation details

  • Slab setout or foundation setout (as applicable)

  • Site plan

  • Structural notes with timber sizes and types, step details, smoke detectors & balustrades

  • Thermal Energy Compliance documentation

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Let's get started

We are happy to provide an estimation for design quotes over the phone or via email site unseen, however please note that these may change if not all of the required information has been included.